Little Brownies Kennel
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Paul & Lynn Morrison
11450 Durand Rd., Howell, MI 48855
phone: 517.552.1663
email:  Skype: prmaws

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Daffne's latest litter arrive on Monday, August 9. While it was a small litter, all of the pups are doing great. You can see pictures of the pups by clicking here.

At this time we do not have any pups or older dogs for sale. We do not anticipate taking new applications or deposits for puppies until after September 1, 2021 and those will be for puppies coming in 2022. Watch this site for updates as time goes on.


Little Brownies Sir Grizzly

At Little Brownies we are motivated to provide a high quality dog that will represent the American Water Spaniel (AWS) breed well. Our focus is multifaceted and includes hunting ability, health, trainability, proper structure, and temperament.  It is our goal to place all our pups or started dogs in homes that are focused on having a life-long companion and will provide the best of care. As responsible breeders, we provide continual contact to all our buyers who seek help with providing the proper care and training of their new companion. Kennel visits are both welcomed and encouraged provided that an appointment for the visit is established at least one week ahead of time.

Little Brownies Kennel has been breeding quality AWS hunting companions exclusively since 1992. We are located in Michigan just 10 miles north of Howell and about 40 miles east of the State Capitol of Lansing. This website has been packed full of information regarding the breed and our kennel, please review it for any information that may be of help to you but always feel free to contact us by phone at (517) 552-1663 or email at

Gracie flushing AWS with duck

Little Brownies Ceske Kamen (Stone) on the left


Little Brownies Amazing Gracie, JH (Gracie) on the right

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Paul authored the most recent and comprehensive book written to date. You can find hardcover and e-book editions online. Amazon has an edition for the Kindle and Barnes and Noble have a Nook edition as well. Click here for more information.

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