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Photo Gallery

This page is presented as a place for puppy owners to share their favorite photos with us. It is a work in progress so visit it from time to time to view new photos.


Enso lives in Ohio and is a littermate to Wilbur (below). That is quite the dramatic picture showing the frozen waterfall. Enso appears perched as though looking over his territory.

Wilbur Bud

This is Wilbur. He is from a breeding between Brownie and Sparkle and is now four years old. When he was younger we received a picture showing him perched on top of a sofa much like this picture. Habits never change. It is great to see that he is doing well and enjoying life.


Trooper is from Brownie and Kendra. He is the constant companion of Dale and Beth in Minnesota where he spends time in the field during the fall hunting season and gets to lounge in the summer. It is not every dog that has his own outdoor hammock.

Versatility is one of the AWS's qualities. This is Magnum who lives in western Michigan. On the left he is shown with some woodcock and on the right a nice harvest of geese. All in a day's work.


This is Lucy who is out of a breeding between Stone and Sparkle. She lives in northern Michigan with her loving family. We think this is a beautiful picture.

Nesta Marley

This beautiful painting is of Nesta Marley who lives in Wisconsin and is a constant hunting companion to the Florine family. We think it is a beautiful painting that captures her and the AWS very well.

 Xena watercolor

Here is a watercolor done of Xena who lives in Alaska and is a companion to the Armstrong family. It is a wonderful watercolor portrait that captures that intense look of the AWS.


Rumor (dog in the foreground) was born last February. She lives in Iowa and is out of Stone and Secret. She lives with a few other AWS who have finally been won over by her charms. 


It has been a while since we had any pictures of Tarquin to post so it was a treat to get a few recently. Here he is on Long Island retrieving his tennis ball and playing in the Atlantic's surf.

 Maggie in Oklahoma

Here is a picture of another one we have not heard from in a while. Maggie is out of Violet and Gunner. Her owner writes:
It’s been a long long time since I have sent y’all an update. I have attached a picture of Maggie and I that was taken this morning after a great morning hunt. Maggie is 7 1/2 now and still has drive like none other. She never ceases to surprise guys that are used to hunting over Labs.


Mari lives in Michigan and is out of Peanut and Bear. She is a companion to Gary and Tonja and now that she has matured a bit has endeared herself to her older "brother" Brutus

Chase at Horicon 2017

Chase is from Kendra and Brownie. He is depicted here after retrieving one of the many ducks he has brought in for his owner. Chase lives in Wisconsin and has been keeping the AWS tradition alive hunting with his family in the Horicon Marsh.

Yankee with chukar Yankee first grouse

This is Yankee who is out of Stone and Kendra. On the left is a picture of him when he was about four months old. He certainly is a driven little water spaniel. On the right is Yankee in September of 2017, just a few months after the other picture was taken, with his first two grouse shot and retrieved in Michigan's upper peninsula.

Goose from Stone and Kendra

This is Goose. He was born in early 2017 and now lives in Idaho where he is a companion to Logan and Bri.

Meet Molly (formerly known as Poppy). She is from this year's litter born to Mickey and Secret. Molly now lives in Ohio where she will be a companion to Beth and Mark. The report is that she is doing well and is already retrieving nicely.


This little puppy is Euchre who was formerly known as Cosmo. He lives with Andrew and Travis in Alaska where he will be both a companion and hunting dog. It was a long flight but he made it there just fine and is now enjoying life in the great white north.


This is certainly a picture of a happy family!  Macy, the little AWS in the bottom of the picture, is the latest addition.  Everyone looks quite happy except maybe Kya who is looking over dad's shoulder. Kya and Macy hit it off right away though and are now best of friends. Macy lives in Ohio and will be both a family and hunting companion.


This is Connie formerly known as Tulip. She probably had the most interesting trip to her knew home as she was whisked away on her new owner's plane. Connie lives in Massachusetts with Christian and Cara. They have a nice home on several acres out in the country so Connie will have plenty of room to romp.


This is Mollie who was born in 2016 to Bear and Peanut. She lives with her family in South Carolina and is getting ready to start formal retriever training with a local professional trainer.

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